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pet guards
Pet Guards
We all love our pets, but sometimes they can unintentionally cause damage to our screens. If your door screens or window screens have damage from over-enthusiastic pets, The Mobile Screen Guys offer professional screen repair—usually completed on site. In addition, we can install high-quality, durable pet guards.
A pet guard from The Mobile Screen Guys will not only protect your valuable screens from scratches and tears in the screen caused by paws and claws; a pet guard also protects your screens from damage caused by humans carrying items through the door or accidently kicking screens with feet or knees.

Pet Door
Pet Doors

Are you tired of getting up a hundred times a day to let your dog in or out? The Mobile Screen Guys can solve that problem forever with a quality, custom-built pet door. Pet doors allow your pets to leave and enter your house easily and quietly so they can access water and take care of other “outdoor needs” without bothering you. Both cats and dogs are able to use our affordable custom pet doors and you and your pets will appreciate the convenience and ease of use.

Pet Screen
Pet Resistant Screen
Dogs and cats can wreak havoc on traditional screens, as every pet owner knows. Excited dogs greeting you at the end of the day can easily ruin screens with sharp claws; cats are known to climb screen doors, leaving scratch marks and tears. Fortunately, The Mobile Screen Guys can solve this problem with our special pet screen fabrics. Made of super-strong vinyl-coated polyester, these special pet screen fabrics are up to seven times stronger than those used in traditional screens. They hardily resist damage from pets’ claws while providing outstanding through-screen visibility.

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